Remembering Trina Losinno

On April 2nd, the disability community lost an advocate and friend, Trina Losinno.  Trina courageously fought an eight-month battle against cancer.  During this time she lived each day with grace and dignity as she did each and every day of her life.  

The Institute was privileged to interview Trina and her husband David, about their life and work in 2012.  That interview will be posted in the coming weeks.  For now, we would like to share some words of reflection and inspiration from Trina’s interview:

I think this is a very tough time. When we go back and talk to some people at our agency, they’re struggling. And that’s unfortunate and I’m sure there are many, many, many families who are very, very concerned and worried that the future of support and services is not going to go in the positive direction they would hope. This is a trying and difficult time, but possibly from it will grow a different type of service. A different level of support. Who knows whatever might be possible, might happen?
Trina Lossino



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