For Mother’s Day: Quotes from Visionary Moms

Warm, inspiring, and wise words from some of our favorite moms – enjoy!

When did I first feel like an advocate? I never thought about it, I mean I never even knew the word.
Eleanor Elkin

They were not accepted in the school system…these children did not fit the criteria. But we also learned that – well, I felt this way, and I think the others felt the same way — all these children were our children, they were my children, too.
Nancy Greenstein

When I think of pioneering, I think of all the hardships and difficulties they had and I can’t cast our life in that picture. I mean, sure there were, there were difficult times and challenges, plenty, but it wasn’t to me like what the pioneers did. Maybe the spirit of a pioneer.
Trinna Lossino

I do believe that you need those people who are willing to be the troublemakers, to keep shaking those cages, and so we’re not the status quo. You can’t be afraid when people confront you and tell you how awful you are because you stand up for what you believe in, and I think that still happens every day to people in the civil rights movement, you know, your troublemakers.
Dee Coccia

I’d like to pass on to families to work with everybody and get educated and learn this system. Know how to talk to people, know when to talk, when not to talk, and work closer with people, just care about other people, other than yourself. I think that’s what I would like to give to the parent. I would like to say, learn all you can, and you never know it all, and [there’s] always something that you can learn. You know?
Lizzie Richardson

Everyone was learning and everyone was pushing and trying to get a foothold in getting ahead and getting some good things passed for these children so that they wouldn’t be just lost in the shuffle and put in an institution and forgotten.
Charlotte Twaddell

The whole environment said low expectations. These children, we do not expect much from them, and we’re not going to give them very much. I stormed up the stairs and stormed into the principal’s office, and announced that I was probably going to be one of his new parents, and that I found that classroom totally inaccessible…and he said words that are burned in my heart.

He said, they don’t care. They don’t care.

And it was — that was the beginning — one of the beginnings of my transformation from being a concerned mother to being an activist.
Ginny Thornburgh

There are so many needs out there… I don’t know that what I’ve done is so important but it was a start, you know? And that’s what you have to think about. You have to think about starting it, but start it well so it stays.
Pat Whalen


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