New Interview: Nancy Greenstein

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 Somebody said to me years ago, there was a reason why God gave you Robin. Of course at that time I couldn’t see it, because I didn’t worry about myself, I worried about her future. What would she have been like if she had been born normal? I think she would have been something special. But she is special, you know? Nancy Greenstein

Nancy Greenstein is a respected parent/advocate, and a founding member of PATH (People Acting to Help, Inc.) in Philadelphia. When her daughter Robin was born in 1957, it was obvious to Nancy that she had a disability. But it took 18 months for medical professionals to acknowledge that fact, and even longer for Nancy and her family to find much needed supports for Robin. Along the way, Nancy learned to speak out not only for her daughter, but for countless other families of children with disabilities. Though Nancy has left an incredible legacy, she would prefer to be remembered as a mother and grandmother.  Please enjoy this lively conversation with a remarkable woman!


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